What is Wellness?

what is wellness



What is Wellness?   -  The Goodness of Xango



XanGo® Juice  is the original —the category creator. It is the first to deliver a proprietary, whole-fruit purée that matches sensational taste with proven scientific research. XanGo Juice boasts concentrations of naturally occurring phytonutrients, including xanthones, catechins, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins.




Xango FAVAO™ Two out of three American adults are overweight or worse. The issue of weight on wellness is becoming an epidemic.


Here’s the issue: The problem is comprehensive, and the solutions are not. We gain weight when we lead increasingly sedentary lives and eat bigger portions of less-healthy food. There can’t be a quick fix to correct such fundamental problems.


But XANGO has developed a better way: the FAVAO way.


FAVAO isn’t a diet… It’s not a magic pill or a trendy shake or a miracle injection… You don’t  spend half your day in the gym… and you don’t starve yourself.


FAVAO is a total lifestyle reset that addresses weight-gain at its sources. By integrating   carefully formulated supplements and very doable workouts with a healthy, delicious meal plan, you will look and feel your very best. More than just shedding pounds, FAVAO gives you back your energy, your confidence, your smile.


You want to become your best self, and we want to help. Reset your wellness with FAVAO.




Glimpse™ Intuitive Skin Care combines BioActive X3 Complex™ with mangosteen-infused water to provide your skin with the protective phytonutrients contained within the mangosteen in a simple, four-step skin nutrition regimen.

A compelling difference between Glimpse Skin Care and a traditional beauty product is that Glimpse Skin Care is intuitive, with self-adjusting formulations to address your skin’s changing demands for beneficial topical nutrition. Our exclusive formulas anticipate and provide your skin with what it needs most: clean, pure, bio-available phytonutrients. This is a $100 billion dollar market that Xango is destined to dominate.



With Glimpse™ Mineral Treatment you will experience topical skin nutrition and flawless coverage with our triple milled blend of pure minerals. Applied wet or dry, our extraordinary Mineral Treatment instantly infuses your skin with energy, increasing clarity and luminosity. BioActive™ X3 Complex, in harmony with zinc oxide, oat protein powder, silk powder, bio-chelated minerals and our Energizing Gemstone Complex, work together to naturally enhance your skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and minimizing the appearance of pores. Protect your skin, guard your health and benefit our planet with our perfect blend of nature.




XANGO 3SIXTY5™ Products



With leading nutritional science at its heart, XANGO 3SIXTY5™ with Active Defensive Complex™ offers a balanced solution to your daily wellness. Typical vitamins and nutritional supplements can help to maintain your health, yet they may struggle to prevent seasonal down turns, leaving your body vulnerable right when it needs the most support. The XANGO 3SIXTY5 Active Defense Complex includes a unique protective blend of bioflavonoids, resveratrol, tocotrienols and Primactive™ that actively shield your body from harmful microorganisms, environmental impurities and oxidative stress.* Now you can be well and stay well.



Watch your children grow in leaps and bounds. XANGO 3SIXTY5™ Kids is the first product to combine a full vitamin & mineral complex with DHA and Primactive into a safe and natural children’s chew. Now your children can get the brain support, bone building and eye health kids need plus a boost to their immune system so they can stay actively adventurous during their year-round busy season. And parents can enjoy the rare gift of healthy children who love their vitamins.




Precis™  Precis is a series of specialized supplements designed to address your individual health concerns. Once your core nutrition needs are met and your body’s natural defenses are fueled by XANGO 3SIXTY5™ with Active Defense Complex™, Precis provides simple and powerful support to essential systems, such as those related to the health and function of the heart, brain, prostate and bones.


Precis was developed to deliver the perfect amount of each nutrient in a way that allows your body to actually use it. Precis adopts our philosophy here at XANGO, that nutrition should be simple, direct and smart.


Precis™ Men’s Health  

  • Supports healthy prostate function*
  • Promotes healthy urinary flow*
  • Helps maintain healthy testosterone levels*
  • Promotes men’s health with protective antioxidant support *

Precis™ Bone Health 

  • Rebuilds mineral matrix in bones*
  • Strengthens bones*
  • Adequate calcium as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis*

Precis™ Omega

  • Supports cardiovascular health by increasing HDL’s*
  • Helps to reduce serum triglycerides*
  • Support cognitive health and brain function*



Xango ELEVIV® Today’s life is faster than ever, filled with constant change, uncertainty and stress. It often results in a sleep-deprived, stressed, and depressed population. And so-called solutions including prescription drugs, energy drinks, coffee, etc. aren’t combating the problem, they’re compounding the problem. Millions are searching for natural, healthy alternatives to this lethal lifestyle.


XanGo proudly introduces a new category-creating product, Eleviv® designed to complement XanGo® Juice in supporting natural vigor, a scientific term that describes a balanced state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Using a powerful patent-pending formula, the product provides sustained physical energy, mental acuity and emotional well-being.* And the best part is that it does so naturally. Once you try it, you may be tempted to term it the ‘feel great’ supplement.




Mangosteen Pericarp Oil  For centuries, a paste of mangosteen peel and coconut oil was fashioned to treat the challenged skin conditions of Southeast Asian inhabitants. Today, XanGo honors this restorative tradition with our naturally fermented pure Mangosteen Pericarp Oil. Unlock the secrets of the past and embrace nature’s treatment of the future with our most concentrated xanthone complex.


Now validated by modern science, experience XanGo’s new answer to soothed, energized, and protected skin


  Glimpse Repair 

  • Helps strengthen and stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production
  • Calms the signs of inflammation, resulting in firmer, healthier, more radiant-looking skin
  • Helps to naturally protect, repair and rejuvenate the skin


Glimpse Brighten 

  • Helps to brighten and even the skin tone, dramatically reducing the look of age spots, pigmentation and discoloration
  • Helps prevent the reappearance of blemishes, leaving your skin softer, smoother and looking its flawless best
  • Provides unmatched antioxidant potency
  • Protects your skin against damaging oxidation, leaving your skin safely and beautifully radiant




Juni® by XANGO  Bring the luxurious serenity of a restoring spa experience into your home every day of the week with our new Juni® by XANGO. 100% pure essential oils awaken your senses and rejuvenate body, mind, and sprit with the nourishing benefits of mangosteen. Only from XANGO: pure vegan formulas designed for the well-being of body, soul and earth. Created by nature. Optimized by XANGO.


The new Juni products deliver products that cleanse, refresh, and nourish with clean and safe formulas featuring Southeast Asia’s nourishing mangosteen and an aromatherapy experience with 100% pure essential oil blends to relax, energize and awaken the senses. Bless and nourish your hair and body with Juni while honoring the environment we share. Juni turns even your smallest stolen moment into a re-storing at-home spa getaway.





Xango Goodness Mealpack 


Why the XanGo Goodness Meal Pack?

For the past six years, XanGo Goodness has enabled our Distributors, executives and employees to get involved, roll up their sleeves, and make a positive impact on the welfare of children and families across the globe. From Thailand to Peru, across Europe, North America and Asia, XanGo Goodness has set a standard in our industry and helped change the lives of both givers and recipients.


XanGo offers an opportunity to do more and change lives through the XanGo Goodness Meal Pack. This product is a meal replacement program that is the first step out of starvation. A dry powder formulation for the severely malnourished, it helps to strengthen those who cannot properly digest solid food due to long periods of poverty, famine and other disasters.


The XanGo Goodness Meal Pack is an innovative product formulation. It is effective in meeting basic nutritional needs by simply adding water.









*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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