Glimpse Mineral Treatment has Conquered the Sun!

Glimpse Mineral Treatment has Conquered the Sun!

Glimpse Mineral Treatment has Conquered the Sun!

As many of you may know, or may not know, the Glimpse™ Mineral Treatment has been undergoing UV protection testing. I am pleased to announce that the testing has recently been completed and the results are in, Glimpse Mineral Treatment offers an SPF 25 and PA+++.


The UV protection rating system can be a bit confusing but here is what you need to know the SPF number indicates your protection to UVB rays and PA+++* is the measurement for protection against UVA rays. UVA/UVB rays damage your skin in different ways and it is essential to protect your skin against overexposure to the sun. For more information on UV check out the

When formulating the Mineral Treatment I wanted to create a product that provided protection while working with your skin to support its inherent defensive mechanisms to the environment. I am very pleased with the results of the testing. We are achieving effective protection through the use of Zinc Oxide and botanicals rather than using chemical sunscreens such as octinoxate and avobenzone. Why is this significant? Recent studies are raising the question as to whether these chemical sunscreens do more harm than good.**

So go ahead and enjoy safe and protected skin this summer with Glimpse Mineral Treatment.

Misha Hughes

*Based on testing conducted on the updated formula, which excludes the Deep shade until the next production run.

**(Hanson et al “Sunscreen enhancement of reactive oxygen species in the skin” Free Radical Biology & Medicine 2006;41:1205-1212).


About: Misha Hughes, Paramedical Master Aesthetician

Misha brings valuable insight into current trends in the skin care industry. With 19 years as a Paramedical Master Aesthetician her experience provides the knowledge critical for developing effective products utilizing cutting edge formulation and ingredients.

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Be Ready to be Shocked !

You Are what you ABSORB!

be ready to be shocked

The Cosmetic industry has been self regulated since 1938 and no one monitors the harmful affects of our constant exposure to toxins and carcinogens.

The BAD News is our grandchildren are the 4th generation exposed and are BORN with over 200 toxins already in their CORD BLOOD!!  Now ask yourself, how did these newborns get hundreds of toxins in their little bodies?

The GOOD News is that we have safe alternatives…..

Reply back to me at the “Request More Information” or click below to learn more and see the options for radiant, more youthful looking skin WITHOUT toxic chemicals:

be ready to be shocked

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What is Mangosteen??

What is Mangosteen?

what is Mangosteen

Throughout history, people across the globe have looked to the natural elements of the earth to find remedies for healing. The inhabitants of Southeast Asia are no different and have relied on the mangosteen fruit for centuries. In fact, as early as 600 A.D., scribes recorded the use of the mangosteen fruit for healing purposes. However, it wasn’t until Joe Morton, in a cafe in Southeast Asia, imagined the potential brimming within the so-called “Queen of the Fruits” that the true possibilities of mangosteen were harnessed.

With its dark purple rind and sweet white pulp, the mangosteen fruit is as functional as it is delectable. Its delicious taste sets it apart from other supplements and its rich xanthones and other vital phytonutrients promote healthy bodily function.

In typical consumption, the mangosteen pericarp, or peel, is often discarded after use. However, the pericarp is the source of many of the fruit’s nutrients. This is exactly why XANGO uses the whole fruit, both the inside and outside, in developing its category-creating products.


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#1 Wellness Company

#2 welllness company


XANGO celebrates 8 YEARS !

* Mayo Clinic doing clinical studies on XANGO juice for it’s anti-inflammatory benefit on heart patients

* Dr. Oz has listed Mangosteen fruit as on of the TOP 5 Super foods

*XANGO currently has 9 Premium wellness products for the inner & outer YOU!

*When combining XANGO juice with Eleviv & 3sixty5, a synergy works greater than each product alone!

For more info:
Call your XANGO rep. Susan Arent at 724-968-7944

OR research the 9 Premium wellness products online by clicking on “Order XanGo Products Online” on this page (top right)

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Eleviv….Feel Great Again!

eleviv....feel great again

YouTube Preview Image

You are one click away  – Order YOUR Eleviv today !!

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Something new is coming……CC4

Elite summit 2011  - Something new is coming...

Elite Summit 2011 – Something new is coming….CC4

Welcome to the information hub containing all the latest news about XANGO’s next category creator. We’ll update regularly, so check back often. The first thing you probably want to know is, “What is XANGO’s next category creator?” Well…we’re not quite ready to spill that entire can of beans yet. But here’s what we can tell you:


XANGO’s next category creator is temporarily code-named CC4. CC4 is not just weight loss; it’s actually much more than that–and that’s what makes it so different and category-creating. CC4 is XANGO’s most ambitious undertaking to date and represents the fulfillment of our complete wellness vision.

CC4 is more than merely a product; it’s a suite of products, coupled with a complete program and tools to help you succeed.

Perhaps the best news of all: CC4 is launching this year!

(………check out the Talbott Times article under the Doctor video…and more page……I wonder if THAT has something to do with CC4 ??)

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XanGo Eleviv – Are YOU Tired, Stressed and Depressed?

Xango Eleviv - Are YOU Tired, Stressed and Depressed?

XanGo Eleviv – are YOU Tired, Stressed and Depressed?

YouTube Preview Image

Order Eleviv here!

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Vigor and Nutrition

Vigor and Progress in Nutrition

Vigor and Progress in Nutrition

Posted by Dr. Shawn Talbott in Science & Research

Lots of people have been asking me about the new manuscript on Vigor published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Progress in Nutrition (Volume 12 – April 2010). The title of the paper is, “Ancient wisdom meets modern ailment – traditional Asian medicine improves psychological Vigor in stressed subjects.”

As you can see from the title, “Ancient wisdom meets modern ailment” – the general idea of the publication is to highlight the fact that ancient practitioners of traditional medicine used natural approaches to solving health problems – and that we can use that ancient wisdom about herbs and nutrients to counteract some of today’s most debilitating conditions (such as chronic stress, Burnout, low mood, fatigue, mental fog, and many others).

The scientific journal, Progress in Nutrition,  is a peer-reviewed journal from an Italian publisher that specializes in producing “proceedings” from scientific meetings. I was asked to submit this one on Vigor after delivering an invited presentation on “Traditional Medicine as Modern Dietary Supplements” that I gave at a scientific conference in Hong Kong.

This issue of the Progress in Nutrition journal features the proceedings from the 4th International Symposium on Functional Foods entitled, “New Horizons in Chinese Medicines & Health Foods” that took place at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (sort of like China’s version of MIT) on October 29-30, 2009.

It was interesting to participate in the Symposium with a broad range of Western scientists and Eastern herbalists. Just as I was speaking about the Western concept of “Vigor” – other scientists were speaking about the Eastern concept of Qi (“life force” – pronounced “Chee”) – and we were both speaking about the SAME concept and using some of the SAME natural approaches to restore Vigor/Qi in the face of various types of stress.

In my presentation and in the Progress in Nutrition manuscript, I outlined some of the early studies on the herbal formula that would eventually become Eleviv – so you will see the very same blend of Eurycoma, Citrus peel, and Green tea noted in the Methods section of the paper.

The text of the summary/abstract appears below and a color reprint of the Progress in Nutrition article can be purchased at

If you’re looking for more information about psychological Vigor, my new book entitled, “Vigor – 7 days to Unlimited Energy, Focus, and Well-Being” (400 pages, including dozens of individual experiences) is available at  (all profits to support Operation Smile charity).

I hope you enjoy the manuscript and I hope you will share it with others so that more of us can enjoy the high state of Vigor that we all want.

Summary/Abstract (Progress in Nutrition, Volume 12 (April 2010)
Background: Chronic stress plays a major role in the pathophysiology of many unhealthy states. These stress-related changes in psychology may be due to both endocrine and behavioral factors – and may be mediated or attenuated by lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, and dietary supplements. Vigor is defined as a 3-tiered sustained mood-state that is characterized by (1) physical energy, (2) mental acuity, and (3) cognitive liveliness. Vigor can also be described as the opposite of “Burnout” (physical fatigue, mental exhaustion, and cognitive weariness).

Objective: Our objective was to assess changes in Vigor, Mood State, and Metabolic Hormone Profile (cortisol and testosterone balance) in response to a modest lifestyle intervention including a dietary supplement based on traditional Asian medicine and including Eurycoma longifolia root, Citrus sinensis peel, and Camellia sinensis leaf – each of which is used in traditional Asian medicine to improve “life force” and well-being in fatigued individuals.

Methods: We report on 82 subjects – all displaying moderate levels of psychological stress. We measured endocrine parameters [salivary cortisol to testosterone, (C:T) ratio)], and Global Mood State (MOOD) and related subscales: Vigor (V), Fatigue (F), and Depression (D), using the Profile of Mood States (POMS) psychological survey before and after the supplementation intervention. Subjects followed a supplementation periods of either 8-weeks or 12-weeks. Each intervention included recommendations to follow a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and daily supplementation.

Results: Compared to pre-supplementation values, post-supplementation measurements indicated significant changes for

C:T ratio (-15-19%),    MOOD (+20-22%),    Vigor (+27-29%),     Fatigue (-41-48%),    and Depression (-40-52%).
Conclusion: These data indicate that factors that are typically disrupted during periods of chronic stress (metabolic hormone profile and psychological mood state) may be positively and significantly impacted by modest changes in diet, exercise and supplementation patterns that mirror those commonly used in traditional Asian medicine.


Dr. Talbott received his Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts, his Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry from Rutgers University, and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program from the Sloan School of Business. Dr. Talbott has published over 200 articles and 7 books on nutrition, health and fitness. He has served as a nutrition consultant and educator for elite-level athletes in a variety of sports, including professional triathlon, the NBA, the US Ski and Snowboard Association, the Performance Enhancement Team for USTFA, and US Olympic Training Centers. Website:


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Stress is like a Slow-Motion Heart Attack

stress is like a slow motion hear attack

More specifically, chronic stress is like a slow motion heart attack – or like a slow motion stroke (loss of brain cells – neurons) – or slow motion osteoporosis (loss of bone mass) or slow motion sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass). BUT, chronic stress can also lead to a vert “fast motion” development of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

How to protect yourself from the detrimental effects of chronic stress? Lot’s of ways – but one of the most effective is to improve what some psychology researchers measure as our “social standing” in the community (also known as socioeconomic status – SES). We know from large and long-term research studies that as much as two-thirds of our risk for developing chronic diseases (such as stroke) is attributed to SES. Those with higher SES live longer.

One of the longest running studies of stress and health is the British Whitehall study (started in 1967) that has tracked nearly 30,000 London civil service workers. Why do you care? Because this type of long-term research show us that one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, feel better, and extend our lives is to develop ways to control our stress responses. In psychology research, we call this the “demand/control” model of stress – which means that it’s not necessarily the stress (the “demand”) that’s bad for us, but rather, it’s how we respond to the stress (or how we “control” ourselves). Even more specifically, our health also depends on how our body responds physiologically/biochemically to the stress.

The people with the highest “tolerance” for stress (meaning they can be subjected to lots of stress before resulting in any health problems) are those folks with a high degree of control over their work. This doesn’t mean that they have a low exposure to stressful events – it means that they have a high degree of choice about how to respond to the demands of their work. If you have a jerky boss and a menial job at the factory with no choice about how to best get your work accomplished, you are much more likely to suffer stress-induced diseases (like heart attacks and strokes) than someone with an even more stressful job, but who has a high degree of control over how they go about their job.

Perhaps the most effective way to “reduce” the detrimental health effects of work stress is to have some “creative control” over your job. We all still need to work – we need to make money – we need to put food on the table – but if you have a higher degree of control over your career, you’ll feel better, perform better, be happier, have better health, and live longer. There are hundreds of research studies showing the links between having a higher degree of “control” over stress leads to superior health outcomes, but one very interesting (and fun) study ( looked at how winning a Motion Picture Academy Award (Oscar) could reduce death rates (by about 28%) and improve life expectancy (by almost 4 years) – how can that be?

Well, the actors who win an Oscar have a much higher degree of “creative control” over their careers – you get to pick and choose from among the best roles and you don’t have to star in a film alongside Keanu Reeves or Martin Lawrence (unless you really want to). Creative control (whether you’re an actor or a lawyer or business owner or garbage man) leads to improved health outcomes – fewer diseases – higher Vigor – longer life – and improved well-being.

I’ve written extensively about the biochemical responses to stress – and how over-activating this stress-response system wreaks destructive havoc throughout every tissue and organ system in the body. People are finally starting to “get it” when it comes to DOING something about getting their stress under control – so they can feel better – or lose weight – or have energy again – or whatever. In my books and blogs and podcasts, I suggest dozens of approaches to help you control some aspect of your stress exposure or your stress response – here’s a short-hand list of a few that might be particularly effective:

1.Get a New Job!

•Find one that allows you a high degree of CONTROL over what you do and how you do it.

2.Balance your Metabolism!

•Stress upsets biochemistry in your body – which leads to feelings of “Burnout” – but restoring Metabolic Balance gives you the opposite of Burnout – called Vigor.


•Exercise increases the production of neurotransmitters (endorphins, oxytocin, norepinephrine, dopamine, etc) that can block many of the detrimental effects of stress hormones (cortisol) – so you feel better even when you’re under stress.

4.Reduce Junk Food!

•The negative health effects of stress are exactly the same as those from eating junk food – and being under stress drives (biologically) us to crave sugar, fat, and salt. Do #1, #2, and #3 above and your appetite will change away from garbage.


•You’ve heard the term “vicious cycle” before – when bad stuff happens, it leads to more bad stuff and an eventual S@#T-storm of badness. BUT – if you develop more control in your life (new job), and restore Metabolic Balance, and maintain that balance with good inputs (food/exercise), you can make that vicious cycle a cycle of goodness that continues to generate more goodness.

Thanks for reading,



Shawn M. Talbott, Ph.D.

Nutritional Biochemist and Author

Help Restore your own Metabolic Balance NOW!

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Dr. Oz – 5 Super foods to eat Now!

Dr. Oz – 5 Super foods to eat NOW !

1. Sweet Potato

The women of Okinawa, Japan (who also happen to be the world’s longest living ladies) enjoy a purple sweet potato they call Imo every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rich in beta-carotene and boasting 150% more antioxidants than blueberries, this easy-to-make treat can be simply incorporated into an American diet. And, if you can’t find Imo specifically, our orange sweet potatoes pack a similarly healthful wallop.

2. Turmeric Tea

You usually see the yellow spice turmeric in Indian curries, giving them their characteristic color. But those long-lived ladies of Okinawa slurp this spice in tea daily (and they have one-fifth the rate of breast cancer than their American counterparts). Studies have shown that turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can help fight cancer.

3. Mangosteen

This sweet, tropical fruit originally from Indonesia has made its way onto supermarket shelves in the United States. Hidden inside a thick purple rind that you cut open, is a white, creamy flesh full of vitamins A and C as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants. If you can’t find the fruit, the juice of the mangosteen, which is more widely available, is the next best thing. This is also available in tea form.

Purchase the Only one true Mangosteen juice whole fruit juice on this site(

4. Mustard Greens

In Icaria, Greece, 1 in 3 people lives to the age of 90, making the Greek island one of the areas designated as a “blue zone,” where people enjoy superior longevity. There are also no cases Alzheimer’s disease reported there despite many people living to a ripe old age. One of the nourishing foods they enjoy are mustard greens. High in vitamin K (most Americans are deficient in this nutrient), the spicy greens are good for your blood and bone strength. Try them as the Icarians do: boil and then toss with a little virgin olive oil and lemon.

5. Barramundi Fish

If the Barramundi fish were a human, he would be a tree-hugging, salad-loving vegetarian. The Barramundi, hailing from the coast of Australia, eschews his fellow fish, dining on plankton instead. That means he doesn’t load up on mercury-packed smaller fish and has extremely low levels of the toxin, which is especially important for pregnant women. Free of mercury, but full of heart- and brain-healthy omega-3s, the Barramundi, which is becoming more popular in the US, is a shoe-in for one of the top 5 superfoods. Bonus: the white meat is light, flaky and delicious.

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